Michelle Faust
The Lemonade Stand

Michelle Faust wanted to share her story of perseverance with the victims of workplace discrimination. She wrote a powerful essay but wondered how to publish it in a way that would reach the people who desperately needed to hear her message. Michelle realized that she could combine forces with the women in her personal and professional network who had a common history of overcoming seemingly insurmountable tragedies. She reached out to Daily House to compile these stories into an anthology.

"Thank you for helping me realize my lifelong goal.”

Michelle Faust
Bestselling author of The Lemonade Stand and founder of Lemonade Legend

Jae Davis
You Do What?


Prior to joining the Experiential Marketing industry, Jae Davis was a fashion model and a Division-I basketball player. After college, Jae realized that the typical American dream was not her dream. Jae applied the skills she learned at events to move up the ranks from brand ambassador to national tour manager and finally, to bestselling author and experiential marketing consultant.

"Thank you for consistently pushing and helping me on my journey. I am blessed to have a team that believes in me and wants to see me succeed."

Jae Davis
Author of You Do What? The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Guide

Beth Berry

Beth Berry is on a mission to liberate modern-day mothers. As a writer, activist, life coach, teacher, and mother of four daughters, she deconstructs disempowering social norms and narratives while supporting and connecting mothers who are fed up with the status quo and ready to live more empowered and joy-filled lives.

"Thank you for this! Once again, it's super helpful and I don't know how anyone does this without such fabulous and competent support!"

Beth Berry

Bestselling Author of MotherWhelmed and blogger at Revolution From Home

Gabe Cox
Mind Over Marathon

Gabe Cox first qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2015. She used the success principles outlined in Mind Over Marathon to achieve a bid to the 2016 and 2020 Boston Marathons. She continues to use these principles as she strives toward new goals in business, raising a family, and mentoring others.
"I felt like I had little direction and was lost in a sea of the unknown when it came to self-publishing and marketing world, but Kitty and Corrine guided me through the process and helped me become a #1 new release on Amazon. I’m so thankful for the leadership and wisdom I gained through working with Daily House. I highly recommend not doing it alone your first time around!"
Gabe Cox
Bestselling author of Mind Over Marathon, podcaster, coach

Kimberly Resch & Brian Ross
Light in the Darkness

Kimberly Resch and co-founder Brian Ross are the creative driving force behind both the film and the book, Light In The Darkness. Together they formed Conscious Content Collective, a media company dedicated to education and awareness. Conscious Content produced the film in connection with Shaman Motion Pictures and the book with Daily House Publishing.

"You helped us develop, plan, and build the confidence we needed to begin the difficult task of writing a book that was useful, interesting, and profound."

Kimberly Resch and Brian Ross
Bestselling authors of Light in the Darkness

Dr. Karol Darsa
The Trauma Map

Dr. Karol Darsa is a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma. She is the founder and executive director of Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Centers, which she established in Los Angeles in 2014. Dr. Darsa co-created The Invisible War Recovery Program, an intensive trauma treatment program for veterans suffering from military sexual trauma.

"I want to give special thanks to Kitty and Corrine whose help created a vibrant, exciting, and thorough publishing and marketing roadmap."

Dr. Karol Darsa
Founder and executive director of Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Centers and bestselling author of The Trauma Map