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If you are anything like me, you are on the lookout for book-loving communities that offer an immersive world of knowledge and entertainment. These magical online realms tend to be more extensive than a single website, social media page, email list, or book. Rather, they include a variety of media sources created by a dynamic person or group of people. 

Depending on your publishing or writing needs, you may want:

  • To meet and chat with other writers
  • Quick answers to questions
  • Books on a topic you are researching
  • Coach-led courses
  • To hire a publishing professional like a cover designer or editor

More than that, you know that daily action is what it takes to grow your career as an author and self-publisher. Modeled after what I needed when I first set out on my author journey, my team and I created an extensive collection of resources for you.

Our mission is to deliver:

  • A safe and supportive community for writers
  • Training for every income level (both free and paid)
  • A team of experts standing by to guide you to your high-income writing career
  • An immersive multimedia environment that celebrates the writing life
  • Helpful answers to your specific questions
  • Motivation and inspiration
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My Author Bio and Books


Have you heard the Chinese curse, may you have an interesting life? To that, I say, “Bring it on!” My fire dancing/showgirl career spanned five years and lasted until my son was born in 2010. I toured the Caribbean casino and resort circuit along the Antilles Chain with my husband and a rotating cast of international circus performers aboard our 47 ft. sailboat. Before moving to the Caribbean, I co-owned the award-winning nightclub 12 Galaxies in the Mission District of San Francisco. In my spare time, I hosted and taught popular pop-up, donation-based yoga events in Bay Area warehouses, galleries, and community spaces.

When age and motherhood forced me to retire from show business, I became a regional tourism blogger with a readership of over a quarter-million followers. My travel contributions have appeared in many publications including The Tradewinds, Conde Nast’s Caribbean Travel & Life, Onboard Online, and the Caribbean Compass.

After hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed 90% of the buildings on the island where I lived, including my sailboat home, I relocated to the Reno area and founded the publishing services company Daily House the online courseware company Bestseller List Pro.

Bestseller List

If you understand how to successfully launch an author career, you can join your rightful tribe and claim your personal measure of going the distance. But how? Drop all your grand ideas of high art and divine talent, roll up your sleeves, and see professional writing for what it is, a job. Being an author is a business. To succeed, you need a plan, the right skill set, time, and discipline. If you have a driving desire to write professionally, then you have what it takes to earn a full-time income as an author. Bestseller List will show you how.

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Zone Trip
Coming 2022

* Normal laws do not apply and chaos reigns *

When a hurricane-force storm hits San Francisco in 2032, Leo seizes the opportunity to recreate the infamous birth of The Suicide Club—a secret society of outlaws formed fifty-five years before. Evan and Linda follow Leo into the record-breaking surf at Fort Point driven by their need for societal transgression and admiration for their charismatic leader. Filmed by YouTube star Weather Girl, the footage of their stunt-gone-wrong quickly tops a million views. The resulting insta-fame has a painful price. One may never walk again, one will spiral into manic rage, and one will transform the world through augmented reality.

Follow the roots of a counterculture of monumental influence into the urban playground of the city. Watch your back! In this San Francisco, fear holds no prisoners, yetis run wild, tightrope walkers hover over your head, and the key to the whole puzzle may be found at the top of the Transamerica Pyramid. Is it a game or a perilous reality? This is your invitation to discover for yourself!

Inspired by insider knowledge of the Suicide Club, the Cacophony Society, and the Burning Man movement, Zone Trip uncovers the deep, dark history behind the sparkle.